This is my third and final time “starting” this blog; I fiddled with it twice in the past, but either got distracted by something else, or just decided to spend my time pursuing another hobby.

Even after abandoning it twice, I have never lost the itch to own a slice of the internet and share my thoughts with the world. As a way to finally scratch that itch, I will be running this blog, as well as a youtube channel with a good friend of mine alongside my own personal channel. Both channels are still being set up, but I will share more info about them once they are operational.

As for the blog, I will be using it as a way to share my hobbies/interests with the world, and also as a way to connect with other people who have similar interests. The general topics i’ll be talking about in my posts will be; anime, manga, light novels, and video games, but posts about other things that grab my interest will show up as well. I will be doing reviews/first impressions of different anime/manga/novel series and video games that I feel deserve a write-up. (Whether good or bad.) News on upcoming titles will also be thrown into the mix.

Hopefully my slice of the internet will be appealing enough to draw in some guests, and maybe some of them will stay a while to chat. For those of you that do stick around to hang out; I look forward to your company!


About Ausaris

Just a guy who likes video games and anime a bit too much.
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