Cerberus First Impression (Dropped)

I mentioned in my last post that I was not finding Cerberus to my liking, and was planning on dropping it. After watching the 4th episode earlier today, I have followed through with those plans. Read below for the full run-down.


“Cerberus” follows the story of the young swordsman Hiiro (A hero named Hiiro? I will admit I laughed out loud when I heard this.) and his companions, whose goal is to defeat the evil dragon “Dagon Zot”. The story starts off promising enough; a woman chained down and being offered as a sacrifice, surrounded by men wearing mysterious shrouds and chanting a spell while an army watches from afar. Once the dragon they are offering her to shows up, the chains are broken and it is revealed she is working with the robed men, and it was all a trap to lure the dragon out into the open; she and her allies are attempting to cast a spell to seal the beast forever, but an act of betrayal interrupts the spell and the dragon kills everyone present – all but one little boy; our hero… Hiiro. (Sigh)

Sounds pretty intense right? Wrong. The moment I saw the CG for the scene of the mages attempt to seal the dragon, my eyes screamed in agony; the whole thing seemed sloppy, and didn’t look to me like they really cared enough to put a real amount of effort into it. But the disappointments don’t stop there! Not much farther into the story, Hiiro gets into a fight with the city guards, and after pulling out his (pathetically puny) sword from it’s enormous sheath, showing off some pretty impressive acrobatic skills; dodging attacks, doing flips over peoples heads, he goes on the offensive and strikes at his enemy. A moment after he strikes, his opponents starts patting themselves down in confusion – turns out he really sucks at what he does, so he missed. Didn’t even manage to scratch one of them. Normally this type of scene will be taken with a laugh, but with the way things were being set up, this scene just made me groan.

The other characters aren’t anything special either; his swordsmanship trainer, Giiru, seems to be OP as hell in most scenes, and is pretty generic and flat under the “master swordsman” role – but he can cook though, gotta give him points for that. I guess. His other companion at the start of the show is a dragon-person-thing that apparently has enough money to fund their journey, but refuses to spend any of it for some un-godly reason. A female character comes into play later, and while she’s cute enough, her dialogue and personality have me under the impression that she either has a severe mental disability, or is delusional. The other characters including the bad guys are all generic as hell, so I won’t bother giving any details on them. To give more detail of Hiiro though, I would say he is an arrogant brat of a boy, who wants to be the greatest swordsman in the world and defeat the dragon that killed his parents, but he sucks with a sword, refuses to train, and for some reason thinks he should just charge at the dragon and he would be able to kill it.

Overall, I liked the dragon based designs of the world, the opening theme wasn’t all that bad, and I like some of the character designs – but those CG’s and the animation, the main character in his entirety, the pacing, just… Everything about this thing turns me away from it. I gave it 4 episodes to make me like it, and literally every episode I found myself sighing throughout, and at the end of each I felt I was watching the same episode over and over. Nothing really seems to develop in a way that makes me care about the characters or the story, and it just feels like it drags on without purpose.

Sorry Cerberus, you gave it your best shot, but you’re just not working out. Please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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