BAKUON! First Impressions


I’ve been feeling like absolute hell the past few days (sinus infections are not my friends), and I haven’t really improved yet, but I’ve been wanting to write something about this show for a while now and can’t stand putting it off any longer!


My ratings are based on how likely I am to recommend a show to someone, with anything above a 6 generally being something I would recommend someone at least try. 6 or 7 means i’d tell them to give it a shot if I think it’s within their tastes, 8-10 are shows I would recommend to pretty much anyone, as I believe they are interesting/unique enough that people will be able to enjoy them if they just give them a chance.

BAKUON! follows 5 high school girls who are members of the “Motorcycle Club” at their school, and while it doesn’t have the deepest story in the world, it’s a cute little show with lots of fun to be had. Here’s the synopsis of the show as given by Crunchyroll:

“Moe and motorcycles have never looked better together in this sports comedy about a group of students in the motorcycle club of their all-girls school. When Hane Sakura sees the wild-hearted Onsa Amano riding a motorcycle to school, Sakura is inspired to join the motorcycle club and get her license. However, nothing could have prepared her for the challenges, or the joys, that come with hitting the road on the wings of a real bike!”

First off; I don’t think I’ve ever seen moe and motorcycles in the same place before – and it is a marvelous pairing for me! The girls’ personalities make them easy to love, and I absolutely adore how much effort they put in to drawing the motorcycles – if you like bikes, prepare for an eyegasm. The art-style in general is great really, the animation is above average and pleasant to look at, and the character designs are attractive. (Some people seem put off by Hane’s eyebrows, but I find them to be more realistic and a plus on her appearance.) While we’re still talking about characters, I have to give a special mention to Raimu, who is essentially a female version of the stig – the moment I saw her for the first time I actually burst out laughing. I think she was a big selling point for me actually, and if you are a Top Gear fan like I am, the fact that they made a character like that just has to make you smile at least a little.

As I mentioned earlier, the story isn’t anything to get all philosophical about, but I don’t feel this show needs a deep story; it’s one of those shows that doesn’t really give a damn about following a linear plot toward achieving some great goal, it’s just here to help you wind down and have a good time. Building on that, this show is fantastic; the comedy of the show is definitely done right, and if you are a fan of motorcycles and know a bit more about them than the average person, you’ll love it all the more. There are some lewd jokes made here and there in the show, but they are actually funny and not the usual ecchi stuff you see all the time these days. I was also surprised by the fact that the show isn’t overly predictable, and throws you a something to induce a giggle or two out of the blue at times; the best one for me was when Hane hopped on Raimu’s bike to go for a ride and said “Ooooh! My butt’s vibrating with the sound!”. Definitely not what I was expecting her to say, and it was adorable.

Overall, this show is definitely on my recommended list; it’s characters are unique and lovable, it has beautifully drawn motorcycles, the comedy is very well done and suits the cast perfectly, fanservice is present to an extent but usually kept to reasonable levels (there was one scene that was a bit too “sexy” for me, as I felt it sullied the characters innocent personalities and didn’t really seem like it belonged), and the story follows a sequence of mini-plots that are lighthearted and fun to watch, not to mention they actually have some originality to them – which is a breath of fresh air with how generic some shows can feel.

Lastly, here is an eye-catcher from the show featuring my favourite character, Sakura Hane!13147738_10153814100899340_43381420708418342_o.jpg


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