Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Revisited


Early in May I made a post about Re:Zero. In that post I explained how I quickly fell in love with the show, but could not watch it because of it’s graphic content. A few weeks after that post I gave the show another shot, and although seeing the characters suffer and/or die still makes me feel sick to my stomach, the beauty of the shows story, and my love for it’s characters have made me kick myself in the ass for not pushing myself to continue it in the first place.

MY RATING: 10/10

I’ve upped my rating to a 10 from the 8 I gave it before, because now that I am actually watching it it has become one of my all-time favorite series. I give it a 10/10 because it has managed to make me fall so in-love with it, that I ABSOLUTELY have to have some physical representation of it, as with many of my other favorite stories. If I can ever find a figure of a character from the show at a price I can afford, it will be on my shelf within a week, and I will be buying copies of either the light novel or the manga. I still haven’t decided yet; if I go for the manga, it’ll be so I can enjoy the art throughout the entire story, rather than just on certain pages, and if I go for the light novel it would be mainly because it would be cheaper (less volumes to buy as far as i’m currently aware), and the light novels have earlier release dates.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled a bit about how much I love the show, I have some things I would like to actually say ABOUT the show. I’ll skip what I already said in my first impressions post, and will instead give you this here link, so you can read it if you haven’t already. I’m a bit ashamed of how much of a pansy I sound like in that post, but it was how I honestly felt, and not being able to handle the violence in the show was actually a huge surprise to me, so I was a bit upset that I felt I wouldn’t be able to watch the show at that time.

What I actually want to talk about today is the experience of the show itself – as it is for me anyway. When I first dropped into Re:Zero and saw Subaru randomly (not to mention near instantly) transported to an alternate fantasy world, I was expecting it to cliche and all hell – I was very wrong. Many people were expecting something similar to Konosuba based on the beginning of the show, but while Kazuma and Subaru are both self described “neets”, Subaru breaks the norm with the fact that he is actually fairly well built. He demonstrates this fact quite early on by beating the crap out of some thugs – I was amazed that he could actually manage to even try – before one of them pulls out two blades, causing Subaru to comically drop to his knees and beg forgiveness.

Past that point they start introducing some of the other main characters, and the way it was done felt very fluid, and I quickly find myself deeply invested in each of the characters and their stories every time they bring a new one onto the stage. I knew I was going to like Felt the moment I saw her drop into the alley where Subaru was getting his face beat in, only to dip right back out while barely giving comment, and when she bit him later on I was looking forward to seeing more of her. Sadly she wasn’t around for long after that, but after episode 12 last night, I am glad she’s back and very interested to see what her part will be in the story moving forward. Emilia is a great character as well, and although we didn’t see much of her in the last arc, I imagine she will get more screen time in the upcoming arc. I just hope Ram and Rem don’t get pushed out of the picture. After everything up to this point, I think they are my favorite female characters in the show, possibly just my favorite female characters in general.

I should stop this before it gets too lengthy, so let me finish with this; I feel this show really opened up and showed it’s true beauty in the second arc of the story. The mystery of everything that was going on, the depth given to both old and new characters personalities and stories, and most of all the sheer emotion of it all. This show has made me watch things that I thought would make me either cry or puke, things that made me so happy I couldn’t pull the smile off my face, and it has made me feel a connection to the characters that I always look for in a story of any form. When it was revealed who had killed Subaru before at the mansion, I was praying the person I thought it was wouldn’t be the one to walk out of the shadows. When it was that person who came out, I felt a legitimate sadness and found myself earnestly trying to understand “why”. I just wanted to understand so they and everyone else could stop suffering, and just go back to being happy together. Seeing these characters hurting makes me feel like i’m dying inside.

So there’s my (not so) little rant about a show that I was once afraid of, but fell in love with not long after. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a hell of a ride, and if you are a person who connects to stories like I do, you will feel every emotion you know the name of – and then some. During all of which you will be trying to soak up every frame, and wishing it would never end.

As a final show of love, here is a wallpaper I have been using both on my second monitor and my cell phone. It’s adorable, and features my favorite girl from the show/in general.


Ain’t she just the cutest thing when she isn’t violently smashing things to pieces with a flail?


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