High School Fleet – Final Thoughts


With this season of anime coming to a close, it’s time for me to give my final thoughts on what I watched this season. I went over the shows I planned to watch at the start of the season in THIS POST, so feel free to give that a read if you want to know what i’ll be writing about. Just pull Cerberus off the list, and replace it with Re:Zero.


I came upon this show just after finishing the Kancolle anime, and with a fascination of the sea and naval combat already embedded in me, High School Fleet definitely gave me what I wanted.

While this show was adorable as hell, with friendly character designs that are easy on the eyes, and the lovable personalities of the entire cast, it also had me watching in awe during the combat scenes. The ships are all beautifully drawn, and with the animations of their movement through the water, the turning and firing of the cannons, and the on-point sound effects to follow, you get a really good feel for the grace these ships carry themselves with – as well as the destructive power of their weapons. The sound of the Musashi’s cannons firing is one of the most elegantly terrifying sounds I have ever heard.

I felt the story actually had some unique qualities to it, with the “big baddie” the main cast had to defeat actually being a sickness that turns people into bloodthirsty monsters, and they don’t feel “overpowered” in any of their battles. Half the shows I watch just make me feel like i’m looking at an unstoppable force, heroically ramming it’s way through any resistance like it was paper. High School Fleet on the other hand, actually made me feel like the girls were trying their hardest to plan their tactics, and watching them pull it off, it felt like a great success that they truly earned with their hard work. I was sincerely happy watching everything that happened at the end, because it seemed for the longest time that it wouldn’t happen. The build up to that final battle was marvelous – as was the battle itself, and the emotions it pulled out of me were unexpected.

All in all, I say this show deserves a recommend if you didn’t watch it this season. If you like naval combat – watch it. If you like cute girls doing dangerous things while being adorable – watch it. If you’ve been looking for a new show to watch, but can’t seem to decide – give it a try, it might surprise you.


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