BAKUON!! – Final Thoughts


With this season of anime coming to a close, it’s time for me to give my final thoughts on what I watched this season. I went over the shows I planned to watch at the start of the season in THIS POST, so feel free to give that a read if you want to know what i’ll be writing about. Just pull Cerberus off the list, and replace it with Re:Zero.


I still don’t know why I picked this show up; when I read the synopsis I planned to pass it by, since I had no interest in motorcycles at all, but for some reason I decided to give it try – and loved every minute of it.

The show follows Sakura Hane and her fellow bike club members, and while there isn’t really a story to it at all, watching these girls and their adventures was a hell of a time. Each of them is unique, and each of them are loyal to a different motorcycle manufacturer, which leads to some interesting arguments in itself. Somehow, watching cute girls chatting about motorcycles, and riding around on them just enjoying life is oddly satisfying. Before I started watching BAKUON, I thought of motorcycles as nothing but an exciting way to commit suicide, but throughout the show I found myself looking deeper into the machines, and now see a unique beauty to them.

The character designs are simple, cute, and easy on the eyes, but what really shines in this shows art is the bikes themselves; the artists took their time drawing out every detail on the machines, and if you like bikes, this show is an eyegasm. I was actually surprised with how much detail they put into the bikes, but i’m very glad they did.

I enjoyed the opening sequence enough to actually watch it more than once on some episodes; it’s a fun little intro, and the music is equally upbeat and the pairing made me feel really giddy for some reason. It also made me want to go out for a drive and meet up with some friends. Damn subliminal messages…

I love the characters in this show to death, and I was really sad when I watched the last episode and thought “There won’t be a new episode next week”, even though it could so easily go on longer. I will miss them all, but i’m also quite sad that the new club member added near the very end were with us for so short a time – they really deserve more screen time.

In the end, this show that I almost skipped over somehow became a personal favorite, and I personally recommend it to fans of comedy, adorableness, and motorcycles. I would love to see a second season, but based on the MAL ratings and the nature of these shows in general, I doubt it will happen. I can see myself buying the manga to fill the void, and I still have the eye-catchers from the show to use as desktop backgrounds.


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