Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless – Final Thoughts


With this season of anime coming to a close, it’s time for me to give my final thoughts on what I watched this season. I went over the shows I planned to watch at the start of the season in THIS POST, so feel free to give that a read if you want to know what i’ll be writing about. Just pull Cerberus off the list, and replace it with Re:Zero.


Tanaka-Kun was one of my favorite shows this season; it’s subtle humor never failed to make me smile, and I was always in a good mood by the time it was done. That said, I will miss this show very much now that it has ended. Hopefully we’ll see more of our listless friend in the future!

The first thing I want to mention, is the first thing you see when tuning in to this show; the opening sequence was fun to watch, and demonstrates the shows (and Tanaka’s) personality very well. The song the used to go along with it (“Utatane Sunshine”) quickly made it’s way into my music list, and the vocalists for the song are absolutely fantastic. The ending song (“BON-BON”) is very upbeat, and the visuals they have on-screen are just gorgeous.

As a slow paced slice-of-life show, there isn’t really a core story to it, but the single-episode mini-arcs that make up the show work perfectly in this setting, and I found watching them every week very satisfying. There’s soft humor of all sorts to keep you chuckling, the characters personalities are well fleshed out and play well together, and the art-style is gentle and pleasant to look at. Everything about this show is calming, and threatens to make you yourself fall into Tanaka’s relaxed lifestyle. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For being such an easy-going fella, Tanaka gets into some pretty wacky situations at times, and the way he deals with them is always interesting to see. My favorite example would be when he was trying to ask Echizen for a notebook, but couldn’t figure out how to write her name and instead ended up telling her she should change her name to Tanaka or Ohta (which he obviously can write already) – and she ends up taking it in an entirely different way, leading to an adorably funny situation between the three of them.

Speaking of adorable; my inclinations toward anything fitting of such a description in anime, have me naming Miyano as my favorite character. The moment she first came into the show I said “that is freaking adorable”, and I frequently found myself thinking “omg I want one!” during her parts the show. Tiny, overly energetic, and with such a cute personality, Miyano is the full moe package in my books! The only way to make that package better would be to add Echizen to the mix; both girls are cute in their own ways, but together, they are one of the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen.

I’ve thought about getting into the manga for this series, but I think i’d be more likely to go for something like a Miyano plushie (please tell me they make those). I’ll continue to hope for a second season, but if it doesn’t happen I may give the manga a go in the end!


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3 Responses to Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless – Final Thoughts

  1. RishRaff says:

    I absolutely agree. This show was a lot of fun to watch!

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