Flying Witch – Final Thoughts


With this season of anime coming to a close, it’s time for me to give my final thoughts on what I watched this season. I went over the shows I planned to watch at the start of the season in THIS POST, so feel free to give that a read if you want to know what i’ll be writing about. Just pull Cerberus off the list, and replace it with Re:Zero.


Since the other two shows i’m watching from this season haven’t finished airing yet, Flying Witch will be my last final thoughts topic for a little while. I decided to do this one last a day after I watched the final episode, and it was primarily because there was a lot I wanted to say about it, so I sorted what I wanted to talk about in my head while I worked on my previous final thoughts posts for this season.

The first thing I want to bring up is the opening and closing sequences. The animations for the opening sequence made me feel as though I was literally watching a picture book brought to life, and the overall feel of the show was displayed wonderfully by it. I did find the opening song enjoyable and rightfully cheery, but the way the “all my friends” line is pronounced in it made me cringe a bit. The ending sequence was absolute magic for me though; the animations were beautiful, the song in the background was light and friendly, and I felt both were a perfect fit for the show.

Similar to Tanaka-Kun, Flying Witch doesn’t really have a grand story, but instead tells it’s tale through a number of smaller stories chained together through a linear timeline. During the whole of the journey we see the characters go about their daily lives, some of which involves just enough paranormal wonder to make the show feel unique and exciting, and with it’s mild comedy and cute characters, it’s hard to not enjoy every minute of it. I love that they managed to create a story that involves magic, but have it handled in such a way that it feels like something that just naturally belongs in the world. One of my favorite things about this show however, is that it has enough to keep adults interested while still being family friendly – not to mention some of the things discussed in the show could have both kids, and adults alike learning something new.

The art-style used in the show is a treat to look at, and both the character and background designs were very well done. A fairly soft color palette was used, but it’s many natural colors paired with how beautifully and realistically drawn many real life locations appeared in the show, it definitely manages to stand out and grab your well-earned attention. Everything about this shows art was marvelous, and I plan to buy at least a few volumes of the manga to have some of their beautiful artwork for myself.

The characters in the show have unique and distinguished personalities, and it’s great fun watching them do even the simplest of things. I really hope we get a second season of this show, because some of the characters really didn’t get enough screen time. Poor Inukai. 😦 I loved how adorable Chinatsu was, how honest and adventurous Makoto was, and to be honest if I sit here and write about all the reasons why I love each of the characters, this post will be way to long. Another thing I noticed and felt deserves notice, is that the show features a functional family; too often you see the kids, but the parents are “off on business”, some other excuse, or just simply never shown. Here you actually get to meet the entire household, and see them interacting with each other  in ways you would expect of a happy family. It seems like a strange thing to notice and get excited about, but I found it made the show feel even more genuine and warm.

All that said, I will greatly miss seeing the characters of this show every week, and will be eagerly awaiting the promise of a second season. I’ll probably start buying the manga, and if I don’t hear anything about a second season of the anime after too long, i’ll just start hunting down each manga volume to keep the story going.


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4 Responses to Flying Witch – Final Thoughts

  1. Karandi says:

    It is good that the show has a little bit more of a standard family rather than the kids being entirely left to their own devices like a large number of anime. And I agree that Flying Witch was really pretty, I just couldn’t handle the slow pace of it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. YahariBento says:

    If you already watched Flying Witch anime, how about another version?
    In Facebook, There’s “Flying Witch Petit” clip, short anime for promoting main series. So I watched.

    I watched this 2 minutes anime and maximum kawaii 3D punches sent me flying & knockout like that from this overwhelming power, their cuteness are too much for me. That’s why, after I recovered (from injury), I did anime review for respecting their level SS cuteness.

    If you want to explore, you can see Petit via post link in my username.

    warning: please prepare your body & soul before proceed it.

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