What I’m Watching This Season (Summer 2016)

Out of the shows being aired in the Summer 2016 season, I will be watching;

  • ReLIFE (They released all the episodes at once, and i’m almost finished already.)
  • Momokuri
  • Rewrite
  • The Morose Mononokean
  • Sweetness & Lightning
  • Taboo Tattoo

The series I watched last season were nearly all fantastic, and it’s looking like this season has some good titles on the roster as well. I’ve already started three shows from my list, and will be beginning to watch the other 3 tonight. They all definitely look good by what I’ve seen in previews and the like, so hopefully each of them holds true to that.

I’m up to episode 11 of ReLIFE so far, and it’s been a great ride; it has comedy that suits my tastes, the artstyle is pleasant to look at, the story it tells is interesting, and I haven’t seen any fanservice as far as I can remember – which is good since the show can carry a rather serious tone outside of it’s gags, and panty-shots thrown into the middle of that would ruin it. I’m eager to see how the end plays out.

Here’s to another great season!


About Ausaris

Just a guy who likes video games and anime a bit too much.
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