Hello again! I just finished watching ReLIFE not long ago, and I have to say that I was very pleased with it.

MY RATING: 10/10

This show was a great ride, and although it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, the way they ended it wasn’t dissatisfying. I still hope we get season two sooner than later, but I’ve already found the manga online and bookmarked it – just in case they want to make us wait. I almost wish I would’ve watched this one episode per week, that way it would have lasted a little longer, but not binge watching it all at once was hard enough.

Since the show was only recently aired, I will avoid spoilers at all costs in this review, and focus more on my personal thoughts and experiences during the whole, rather than talking about specific details or scenes. Stories like this are soiled by knowing what will happen in advance.


I have to give the story top marks; the idea of a pill that makes you look younger, and taking it for an experiment which has you reliving your high-school days, was a different and very interesting concept to me. Besides the age-reversing pill, the story is actually very realistic as well. I liked watching each of the characters grow throughout the series, and their interactions, as well as the many tense situations that arise, had the emotions flowing wonderfully; in one episode I found myself sharing a characters pain and regret, only to have the situation turn in a way that had me smiling with a dampness in my eyes.

Going along with the many emotions the characters share with us, the romance building between some of them is very well done, and the way it is portrayed is both honest and relatable; the way they think about and handle different situations is exactly what you would expect of a high schooler, and even the way they tease each-other seemed friendly and familiar for me. I can honestly say this series has some of my favorite romance, and whether it’s through a second season or the manga, i’m very eager to see the characters continue to grow into their emotions.

I found the humor in the show genuinely funny, and again, the banter between the characters, and the laughter much of it incites, feels like something you can believe actual people might say. Nothing is over-done, and it all fits very well with the setting of the show. I also want to mention the lack of fanservice; I did not once see a flash of any pantsu or anything of the sort, and in a show focused around some fairly serious topics and emotional connections, it would have had no place to begin with.

For the story and presentation of the show, I have absolutely nothing bad to say. It’s story grabbed my interest from the get-go, I fell in-love with the characters in a way that they felt like old friends, and there was nothing about it that I found to be done in poor taste.


As I said above, I love the characters in this show, and honestly felt a connection to them like they were old personal friends. Each has a well defined personality, and each personality has very clear and well presented flaws; an example is Karui’s need to always come out on top, and the awful things that selfish desire makes her do, hurting herself as well as those close to her. I’m very glad that they seem to understand their own flaws, and they do attempt to overcome or work around them.

The interactions between the characters are fun to watch, and true to how real people interact while still managing to be compelling and making you want to keep watching. The growth of the characters throughout the story is fantastic, and seeing them fight the scars of their past while learning more about them myself, I found myself able to identify with many of the situations and emotions they dealt with.


The artwork for the show was very well done, and the character and background designs carry the same honest and realistic feel of the show. I felt the character designs reflected their personalities quite well, and I found them generally pleasant to look at. Art is always a major selling point for me in any game, book, or anime, and I can honestly say my eyes were happy to set themselves upon this show.


I never skipped the opening sequence for this show, and both the intro song and animations were enjoyable, while also feeling like a perfect fit for the shows tone. The opening sequence somehow made me feel a joy like when I think back to times with friends I no longer see, and at the same time left me with a sense of longing for those days that are long gone. I feel that presents the overall tone of the show very well; where the main character is experiencing his final high school all over again, knowing that once the year ends he will become but an illusion, and the people he meets will remember neither him or the experiences they shared.

The ending sequence on the other hand, never managed to grab my interest. I can’t say I ever watched more than 20 seconds of it, and I think it was mostly because the song they used in the background was outside my personal tastes. I would watch it just for the sake of giving my thoughts on it, but I feel that doing so would lead to a half-hearted review, and so I shall leave it be.


Well, there you have it! I’ll say again that I loved this show, and it has made it’s way into my recommend list for the drama category. If you haven’t watched it yet, I hope you’ll give it a try, and if you have, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Here’s hoping for a second season!


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5 Responses to ReLIFE, ReVIEWED

  1. Karandi says:

    I agree that this was a really fun and sweet watch and its an anime I know I can talk even non-anime fans into giving a go because it doesn’t go too over the top. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kwenzqoatl says:

    I loved this anime. My only con was finding out the manga was ongoing.

    Liked by 1 person

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