About Me

My Anime List: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Ausaris

Bio: My name is Jacob, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. My hobbies are; off-roading on my Yamaha Kodiak, fishing, cooking, studying plants, writing, collecting swords/anime/manga/novels, and playing video games like my life depends on it. I basically hole myself up in my house during every season but summer, because until colourful things start growing and I can wander through the woods or BBQ and hang out with my friends, I find the outside world quite unpleasant. During that “social hibernation” as I call it, I spend nearly all my time immersing myself in every story I can find; be it manga, novels, games, anime – you name it. I also save money during this time (i’m not going anywhere to spend the money), and use it to add things to my collections or buy myself some new things to entertain myself with.